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Our Process

Our consulting approach emphasizes an innovative and collaborative process, fostering dynamic interactions to co-create tailored solutions that drive forward-thinking strategies for your business.


Fact-finding and Analysis


Carrier Agnostic Guidance

Begin with a comprehensive fact-finding session to understand your organization's structure, human capital, existing benefits, and aspirations for a new plan.
Conduct thorough analysis to identify specific needs and areas for improvement.

Offer carrier agnostic advice, guiding you through the selection of products and carriers that precisely address your identified needs.
Ensure a customized approach, recommending solutions that align with your organizational goals.


Execution and Streamlining

Collaborate closely to help execute your chosen strategy seamlessly.
Streamline the entire process, leveraging technology and efficient workflows for a hassle-free implementation of your benefits plan.

Want to see what we can do for you?

Find out how through collaboration, SphereC Group can help design a comprehensive benefit strategy that covers various aspects, including health, retirement, and other employee perks.

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